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Brand Videos Strategy

Our goal for branded content is to build a content machine that generates, nurtures, & converts leads into sales while you sleep.  With demand for authentic, educational, helpful brand videos going up every year from consumers, video is no longer just "nice to have"

Increase Time On Site, Conversion Volume & Quality

When people spend time on your site getting to know more about who you are, what you do, your offerings, how much it costs to get started & more, it leads to much higher quality conversions coming in. This will make your sales process much easier and you won't have to answer the same 10 questions every single day

People Will Know, Like & Trust Your Real Estate Brand

Getting people to know, like, and trust your real estate business is the hardest objection to overcome. In & out of state buyers spend a lot of time (average 6 months) comparing options and seeing what's best for them. By including branded video content that speaks to your ideal customers, they get to know exactly who you are, what you do, what you stand for, see your builds, testimonials & more

Stand Out From The Competition

Most builders just have photos and some website copy talking about why you should work with them and then pushing for a contact form. Video content on your website will let your prospects get to know you deeply & when they look at other competitors that don't have nearly as much content that connects with them emotionally, it's going to push them into your direction time & time again

Educate Buyers To Better Inform

Educational content is the bridge that helps potential homebuyers not just see you as someone trying to sell them, but rather as someone trying to genuinely help them on their journey

Testimonials That Build Trust & Establish Authority

Testimonials are the ultimate trust builder. They show off who you are, what you do, and your client success all from an unbiased view. Testimonials help build that emotional connection that drives buyers to purchase from you

Why Us Videos That Separate You From The Competition

Why us videos are essentially any buckets of content or storylines that separate you from the competition. Why would someone buy from you as opposed to any other builder in the area? What makes you special, what is your signature offering. Highlighting this with video is the ultimate way to meaningfully show you're not just another price point in the market

Two staff at a constuction site

FAQ's That Answer Your Buyers Biggest Questions

You likely get asked the same questions every single day! Most builders' teams what if there was a way to compile all your top asked questions and answer them with video, that's exactly where we come in. FAQ videos might sound boring, but it allows your website to answer questions, overcome objections, and build trust all on autopilot

Culture Videos That Attract Top Talent

Looking to build your team up & attract top talent? Culture videos are the way to do it. Highlight your amazing culture, your workplace, benefits, employee testimonials, events & more are an incredible way to make your workplace look like the top place to head to in the market while also building empathy & trust with consumers

Office Scene

Broker Videos That Build A Sales Machine

Brokers can be an incredible sales tool for your team, but not many builders have dedicated sections on their website or dedicated pieces of content to pull brokers towards your company. Ensure you have valuable reasons for brokers in the area to bring their next client to you & highlight those reasons with videos! With brokers on your side, you will have a consistent source of quality sales coming in your doors

Evergreen Utility

All the videos we create we leverage in your online systems, websites, your funnels, your email marketing, advertising and more for YEARS. We aren't making just short form post and it's gone content. This is material that can have incalculable ROI as it works day & night for your company every week, month, and year

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