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Cline Village Case Study

Mid Sized Townhome Community

The Challenge

Madison Simmons came to us needing help selling their worst performing assets across their townhome portfolio. We specifically turned our attention to Cline Village, an underperforming asset that wasn't able to generate any sales in the past quarter. We devised a plan to build an end to end funnel that would solve this problem, then look at how we could help their company's sales overall 

The Custom Built Solution

The overall tactics & strategies we deployed to create sales

Original Photography
& Ad Production

Due to a limited budget, we went and captured exterior photography, and combined that with some interior photography they already had. We were able to combine all these elements to create some pretty compelling imagery that would be usable for digital advertising

Custom Landing Page

We built a simple, custom landing page from the ground up to drive targeted traffic to, this landing page was optimized for direct response and is converting at over a 3% rate

Targeted Digital Advertising:

Using dynamic creative testing and creative based targeting, we built, ran & optimized digital advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram to drive clicks directly to the catered landing page 

The Results

🚀 Average Cost Per Lead Of $34

🚀 Average Conversion Rate On Site 3.67%

🚀 Average Click Through Rate Of 1.92%

Original Photography & Ad Production

Cline Village Landing Page
(Converting Over 3% Of Traffic)

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