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Capture In & Out Of State Buyers With Video Marketing Strategies That Sell

Learn How Video Marketing Can

☑️ Launch Your Pre Sales, Lease Ups & Community Sales

☑️ Sell Out Your Communities & Developments At 2X, 3X Their Projected Speed

☑️ Takeoff Online Site Traffic & Conversions

☑️ Steal Traffic Directly From Your Competition

☑️ Consistently Attract In & Out Of State Buyers

☑️ Grow Your Brand & Perceived Trust From Buyers & Brokers Alike  

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Claim Your Free Strategy Analysis

We create a personalized video marketing plan for you & deliver it within 24 hours 



We Analyze Your Entire Online Presence 

First, we take a look at your website, landing pages, online presence and ad channels to see your current media marketing strategies. We're also going to look at any immediate competition to compare & identify any weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities for growth. 


We Come Up With An Action Plan, And Record A Personalized Video

After doing a deep dive into your current online presence, we come up with an action plan of exactly how our video marketing strategies could get you short & long term wins. Then we record a personal video for you going over our findings from our research & the strategies we recommend to get you results


Sent To You Within 24 Hours

We get all this done and sent over to you within 24 hours of you submitting the contact form! At this point you can look through all the strategies we presented specifically for you & your team and see if it makes sense to discuss them further! You get all this completely for free with 0 expectations of you moving forward with us! We're just trying to provide value up front and see if a partnership would make sense 


"Development Launch has been such a fantastic partner to our Marketing organization. Their recommendations have been thoughtful, strategic and cutting edge. We have seen tremendous growth in leads as well as conversion since we've implemented their work."

Tracy Yeadon
True Homes Executive Sales & Marketing Partner

Who Are We For?

☑️ Production Homebuilders

☑️ Custom Homebuilders

☑️ Construction Companies

☑️ Lease-Up Property Managers

☑️ Private RE Investors

☑️ Multi Family Developers

☑️ Single Family Developers

☑️ Designers

☑️ Architects

☑️Commercial Real Estate

  • What Are Your Main Services?
    We offer 4 core services to our partners 1. Full service real estate media (photos, videos, & 3D virtual tours) that will grab the attention of buyers and drive more requested tours and interest 2. Branded content that gets people to know like & trust you before even reaching out to your sales team. This is things like "Why us" videos, Client testimonials, educational content, FAQ videos, culture videos & more. The goal of this category is once again to build trust, drive conversions, awareness, and more 3. Community campaigns or "Development Launches" These are full suite media campaigns that surround your flagship residential or commercial developments to drive more leads demand & sales every single month. If you're looking for new ways to increase demand to your new community, apartment complex or anything substantive this is the service for you 4. Video Advertising. Video ads are an incredible blue ocean of untapped opportunity in the real estate/homebuilding industry. Most of everyone is competing for the same 3% of buyers who are actively looking to purchase, targeting using google PPC with the same keywords, targeting the same, buyers, in the same regions, at the same time! This of course drives up costs and lets big public companies simply out bid everyone. Video ads let you leverage platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more to run targeting ads that will get them aware of your brand, your communities, offers etc at a much cheaper cost. Not only this, but video ads let steal traffic directly from your competitions websites & leverage other targeting opportunities. Retargeting campaigns allow you to target buyers that have visited specific pages on your website that didn't covert and continually stay top of mind, provide value, build trust & more over the extended purchasing period (up to 6 months or more in the real estate industry. This lets you target that blue ocean of buyers that weren't in the 3% "ready to buy" stage so that when they are ready to buy, you are the only one they consider buying from Overall Strategy: Our goal is to look at your company and analyze which of our core 4 services we could leverage to get great results in the shortest amount of time possible or a "quick win" and provide maximum ROI right up front. The long term plan for our clients is to leverage a mix of all 4 of our services to build out a lead generating, nurturing, and converting system that keeps in & out of state buyers knocking on your door every single week, month & year
  • Do You Have Any Guarantees Or Offers?
    Yes! All our services are fulfilled for no money due up front with a 100% money back guarantee. We wanted to take all the risk off of your plate & stack it on our team. We're very confident in our ability to provide excellent results which is why we have a double protection guarantee Also, If you have a residential or commercial development you want to drive demand to, we have an offer for our "Community Campaign" or "Development Launches" as we call them. We'll come and stay up to a week at your development to create a full suite video marketing campaign and we'll do it all for no money due up front with a 100% money back guarantee. This is our most premium service and we wanted to lower all barriers to entry for it, so if you have a residential community you want to drive more sales to, an apartment complex to lease up, or any other kind of single/multifamily development fill out the contact form and let us know!
  • How Will Videos Actually Get Me More Buyers?
    Purchasing a home, moving, or leasing somewhere is usually the largest purchasing decision most Americans will make in their entire lives... This means there's going to be lots of emotions involved, and as you probably already know, most people making purchasing decisions primarily based on their emotions and then back them up with login on the backend And with more of the real estate purchasing process switching online every single year... Video marketing gives you the incredible opportunity to create a lead generating, nurturing, and converting machine that turns web traffic into buyers while you sleep This is because video is able to tap into peoples emotions far more than any other medium (photos, website copy, bullet points) etc. Video grabs the attention of buyers, wins their trust, educates them on who you are & aren't for, shows off your builds, floorplans, answers their top questions & more all without your sales team having to do a single thing I want to emphasize that we aren't trying to sell you the latest trends, IG Reel & Tik Tok hacks.... We work to implement evergreen paid & organic video marketing tactics into your business that will work every single day to generate & convert buyers while you sleep Our video marketing strategies are incredibly untapped in this industry, meaning if you take them seriously and work with us to implement them into your business You can be on the front end of reaping the rewards while your competition keeps trying the old ways... Billboards, magazines, word of mouth & referrals, listing sites & more Video marketing can leverage the power of human psychology & combine that with the powerful platforms we have today to create a conveyor belt of traffic that converts into buyers So yes, video marketing, when done correctly, and only when done correctly, will work day & night to pull buyers into your sales centers every single month, week, and year
  • What Happens If I Fill Out The Contact Form (Next Steps)
    If you fill out our contact form these are the next steps: 1. You will receive an email straight away containing our real estate video marketing playbook. YOU WILL NOT receive spam messages every single day by giving us your email 2. Within 24 hours, you will receive a personalized video audit of your entire online presence to identify weaknesses & opportunities for growth using our 4 pillar framework. Basically we look through all your profiles online, websites, landing pages, check if you're running any kind of ads and go through your funnels, see how you're interfacing with Zillow, Redfin, and just overall see if you are ahead of the game, or behind the curve. We check to see if you are marketing like a real estate company should be in 2023 and give you our recommendations & strategies to start getting you short & long term wins 3. We will reach out via text message to let you know we are working on that personalized video audit, then see if you have 30 minutes over the next week for a quick discovery call to get to know you better & see if we can help out! We just want to get to know you, your sales goals, current strategies you're leveraging to drive more leads & sales, how you're nurturing leads, things like that! We're just trying to get to understand your business better to see how video marketing could make an impact So that's it! We're not going to spam you or flood you with emails, texts, and calls. We just want to provide you with some free value and see how we could help out you as a builder, developer, property manager, or anything in between
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Claim Your Real Estate Video Marketing Analysis Today And Discover How To

☑️ Attract more in and out of state buyers with video ads, expanding your market reach

☑️ Accelerate sales and lease velocity to maximize your revenue potential

☑️ Sell out single/multifamily developments faster, boosting your real estate portfolio

☑️ Strengthen Your Brand & Enhance Your Online Presence 

☑️ Increase Time On Site & Conversions

☑️ Unlock Targeting Options Less Than 1% Of The Industry Are Leveraging



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