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Our 3 Step
Community Campaign Strategy

Driving consistent sales to your residential communities, apartment complexes & more is the key to unlocking year over year growth. Strategic, targeted video marketing is the blue ocean opportunity you've been searching for to bring in qualified buyers consistently

Dream Buyer Targeted Media Production

Every development has a specific set of people they're trying to attract. We start the targeting process at the production level by making  videos your specific buyers would want to see. Speaking directly to their hopes, dreams, desires, & fears. Are your ideal buyers first time homebuyers? Step up buyers? Young people looking to rent their first apartment? 55+ active adults? Lake people? Golf people? Our videos speak directly to these avatars to pull them in in droves

Targeted Advertising

We build your ad campaigns & deploy them on the platforms your dream buyers spend the most time on. We even dial in the targeting based on income, location, interests, search history, and more. We can even steal traffic directly from your competition in the area that may be outranking you on Google. Video ads unlock a lot of amazing targeting options & allow you to leverage the "greater market formula"

High Converting Pages & Backend Systems

It isn't enough to make high quality media campaigns that have incredible click through rates that target your dream buyers and drive traffic at lower CPC than you thought possible. It is equally important to drive that traffic to webpages that will convert, and then ensuring the proper follow up systems are in place to nurture & convert leads into buyers. We work with you on this to ensure our campaigns are getting the highest ROI and sales possible 

Edgewater Campaign:
Truly Unexpected

This community in Lancaster, SC has been tucked away for too long!  Our video marketing campaigns have launched and are driving increased traffic; outperforming PPC & static image ads to drive more sales to this residential oasis

A True Community

This brand new land development lies 40 minutes outside of Charleston, SC. Video marketing is playing a key role in driving increased awareness and sales to this large land acquisition for True Homes

Stonebridge Banner Video

Stonebridge's banner video will live on their community website to help pre qualify leads & drive higher quality conversions. Not only this, but teams are able to get awareness with e-blasts & more in the hands of realtors to get them aware of this incredible opportunity

Tillery Traditions Banner Video

Tillery Tradition's Community has experienced slow but consistent sales for a long time, this video's objective was to shine more light on the community and it's incredible offering without using a crazy budget. We're really able to tailor a marketing stack solution specifically to your needs

Community Campaign Structure

An effective  "Community Campaign" must have a mix of different video & photo assets to drive traffic, leads, & sales effectively.  Scroll below to learn why it's so important to strategically make different formats

Banner Videos

  • 60-180 Seconds

  • Lives On Your Websites & Landing Pages To Drive Time On Site & Conversions

  • Explains More In Detail About The Opportunity Present At The Development 

  • Gives More Breathing Room To The Videos

  • Should give potential buyers or realtors everything they need to know about the community

  • Helps to qualify online traffic & drive higher quality conversions on pages

Video Ads

  • 15-60 Seconds

  • Used For Targeted Advertising On Facebook & Youtube Ads

  • More Attention Grabbing

  • Use Of Subtitles & Other Retention Hacks

  • Variety Of Hooks & Different Formats

  • Optimized For CTR To Lower CPC

  • Actively Drives Traffic & Leads From In & Out Of State Buyers/Leasers

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